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If you would like personal coaching on thermal flying, XC flying or competition flying contact Matt and arrange a flying vacation. Coaching and clinics can be arranged at any flying site that best suits our training goals: Over water SIV/Acro coaching, mountain XC flights, vol-biv flying, international flying. 

Tandem flights

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Matt can provide the highest level tandem training experience to almost anyone, no experience required. Learn the fine details of advanced flying or just enjoy your scenic experience. From $150 for a training flight to $300 for a mountain tandem training experience. 



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At Cloudsurf Paragliding we have focused on a thorough and comprehensive training program from day one. Our philosophy is to train new pilots to a very high standard of safety and competency before sending them out as a Novice Pilot (P2). If you value safety and true flying skills over a rating card you've come to the right place. Contact Matt to arrange a 14 day intensive P2 training program for Spring 2018.